Do you remember that ill-famed speech 2002 by Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Minister for USA in which he explains ‘known knowns’? Here’s a short clip to help refresh your memory:  Although clumsily worded, Rumsfeld’s speech is actually a good summary of the process that all of us in the information business are following – providing […]

In the heart of every finance professional – Accountant, Accounting Manager or CFO – is the desire to be economical. If finance professionals are not convinced that a purchase is necessary, if they are not convinced that it will deliver the benefits claimed or achieve a positive RoI, then it is the job of finance […]

We often talk about the benefits of accounting software when it comes to transaction matching, but this week we heard from one of our customers, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, about the real impact to business.   Stephen Wood, Special Project Analyst, spoke to us about how Adra Match ACCOUNTS has helped both the finance department […]

Along with the digital and Internet age, a whole host of technological advancements have come which are empowering and enabling the finance department like never before. Cloud computing, SaaS, and intelligent automation, for example, can contribute to make your monthly financial close process more efficient, accurate and leave you time to focus on qualitative tasks. […]

The monthly financial close is crawling with reconciliation demons just waiting to mess everything up. From the account specification beast to the four-eyed approval demon, these beasts need taming in order to achieve a fast and accurate month-end close. But taming the demons will require the right tools for the job  Everyone knows that you […]