Fog SuperBest owns a chain of 12 supermarkets throughout Denmark, and has an annual turnover of DKK 500 million ex-VAT, making it a success in a highly-competitive market.

“Small margins can make a big difference”

“We strive constantly to improve in every respect, as small margins can make a big difference in our industry. If you want growth and success, it’s important to do things a little better all the time, and as I am responsible for the accounts, it was only natural that I would see what could be done.”

“Thank goodness we did not try to develop an electronic reconciliation system ourselves”

“We have so many transactions every single month, that it was obvious that we had to switch to electronic reconciliation, which I knew from my previous job where the company had developed its own system. I also took a look at what Excel had to offer, but gave up because it did not have the functionality.”

Adra had been trying to tell me for some time about the benefits of Adra ACCOUNTS, but I just never had the time to read what they were saying. One day, their timing was right – and lucky for me that it was! I am sure that we could never have developed such a good system ourselves,” says Rask.

“Absolutely painless implementation”

“We have some great IT people in Administration, and it was easy for them to get the hang of being a user of Adra ACCOUNTS, which worked according to the book right from day 1. The system meets our needs 100%, and a very high percentage of our bank reconciliation is now performed electronically. We only have to manage a small percentage manually, which is also easy and quick with Adra ACCOUNTS.”

“Adra ACCOUNTS has given us 48 extra working days per year”

“Efficient, accurate bank reconciliation is extremely important, but not particularly exciting for the people who have to do it! That’s why it means so much to us that Adra ACCOUNTS has freed up skilled personnel for more interesting work 4 working days per month.”

The result

“Happier personnel, fewer errors and a financial benefit to the company – in other words a real win-win situation,” concludes Rask.

Adra ACCOUNTS – unbeatable for electronic reconciliation.

Jens Rask, Accounts Manager, Fog Superbest