“Adra ACCOUNTS provides invaluable help, and gives us excellent overview” says Margit Andersen, Bookkeeper at the Municipality of Kolding’s Central Administration, and system administrator for Adra ACCOUNTS .

“A world of difference”

“About 3 years ago, our Budget Manager heard about Adra ACCOUNTS , and we saw the wide range of options for automated reconciliation demonstrated at a meeting. Some of us were a little skeptical, as it seemed almost too good to be true – but luckily, it wasn’t!”

“All reconciliations used to be done manually. We copied and pasted into spreadsheets, which was difficult and time-consuming. We have so many entries that we have to reconcile bank accounts and inter-company accounts used for all sorts of purposes every day. It’s been a big relief for everyone that we have replaced hours of vital, but boring reconciliation work with more value-creating work”, says a satisfied Andersen.

“We can always provide up-to-date answers”

“We can easily have several entries each day for exactly the same amount, something that used to cause us problems if we had to answer specific questions on any of them.”

“We now have a really good, accurate overview – and all we had to do was switch routines when we started using Adra ACCOUNTS . All our entry vouchers must always have the date and unique entry ID to ensure that reconciliation works efficiently. We can quickly identify the differences on open entries.”

“Uniform processes are also a huge benefit”

“When reconciling in a spreadsheet, everyone does it their own way. But with Adra ACCOUNTS someone else can easily take over in the case of illness, leave, holiday etc.

“We got started far more quickly and easily than we could have hoped …”

“Adra ACCOUNTS worked right from day one on our finance system (KMD ØS), and we were up and running the day after it was installed.

Because I am system administrator, the other Adra users in the local authority contact me if they have any questions or problems, and I have to say that that’s not very often! If there is anything I can’t answer, I can quickly get the answer from my contacts at Adra.”

“The Social and Cultural departments now both use Adra ACCOUNTS “

“and the other departments will soon join them. It’s used everywhere for reconciling bank and inter-company accounts (remittance accounts), which covers everything we need. For example: the Social department uses Adra Accounts for housing benefits,” concludes Andersen.

Kolding has been designated as ‘Energy Town’, making it a frontrunner for climate change in Denmark. The Municipality of Kolding is also a leader in other fields, with one of the few female Municipal Directors. They have an informative website which features a popular web shop, focusing on finance management via automatic reconciliations.

FACTS – The Municipality of Kolding

Population: 87,000
Municipal Director: Rikke Vestergaard
Number of departments: 5
Finance system: KMD ØS
Number of monthly entries: approx. 30,000