Nemi Forsikring A/S has 4,000,000 annual transactions to reconcile against insurance systems, accounts and banks. The company uses Adra ACCOUNTS and says that it could never manage without. “Before we got Adra ACCOUNTS , reconciliation was hard work and very time-consuming. Nowadays, it’s simple, quick and correct. That means we can do the work in the safe knowledge that everything balances and is traceable,” says Oddrun Fristad from Nemi Forsikring’s Accounts Department. Reconciliation is performed and reported in accordance with the way the accountants want it. Fristad is one of three people at Nemi who perform automatic reconciliation daily, using Adra ACCOUNTS . “The solution makes it easy for us to handle non-matches, instead of having to look for them,” she says, and explains that she and her colleagues in the accounts department have more time for other important jobs.

Important for customers and reputation

“Reconciliation is extremely important for an insurance company. We need complete overview of all our insurance customers, which means that it’s not just in our interests that we can reconcile correctly and efficiently. Orderliness in this process is important for our customers, and thus for our reputation,” claims Fristad.

We get a return on investment in the form of a system, traceability and better utilization of our time.

Oddrun Fristad Accounts Department, Nemi Forsikring AS

Nemi Forsikring AS

This insurance company was founded in 1989, and has sold policies within such sectors as aquaculture, marine and energy over the last 20 years. Nowadays, it specialises within the corporate, municipal and transport sectors. The company started to sell private insurance cover in 2009.