Adras unique data matching solution has made life better and more interesting for thousands of companies. Read here how some of our customers found an easier and simpler way to tackle manual, difficult and time-consuming work by using our technology.

As from the summer of 2012, ATP will take over a number of tasks within state pensions, housing benefits, maternity benefits, incapacity benefits and child benefits paid in advance. Tina Mollerup Laigaard is the Managing Director of Ascendi A/S, a specialist provider of help to public sector enterprises, including local authorities, within accounting and finances.

Automated bank reconciliation is now a natural part of the process of compiling correct accounts for many companies. IT systems have replaced the manual, time-consuming work, but reconciliation documentation is still needed and is mandatory according to the law and has to be used for the audit.

Seven years ago, all reconciliation at Clas Ohlson was done with pen and paper. A task that took ever more time and personnel. The company has steadily expanded with more stores in Sweden and abroad, and needed a faster and more efficient system.

Crabtree & Evelyn, an international retailer of natural health and beauty products uses Adra Match, the leading supplier of automated financial account reconciliation software, to streamline their account reconciliation process.

Fog SuperBest owns a chain of 12 supermarkets throughout Denmark, and has an annual turnover of DKK 500 million ex-VAT, making it a success in a highly-competitive market.

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In today’s tough economy it is essential for organisations to take control of their cash management and financial accounts to increase financial control and reduce operational risk. By automating the reconciliation process, Adra ACCOUNTS increases the speed of reconciliation drastically, improves accuracy, speeds up exception identification and provides financial control enhancements to the business, this enables users to feel confident that reconciliation is 100 per cent correct.

LRF Media introduced Adra ACCOUNTS at the beginning of 2010, mainly to automate its bank reconciliations initially. The whole process used to be done manually with pen and paper, a job that wasted large amounts of time and energy.

The company has very high flow through its bank account. Gunilla Eriksson, who is responsible for funds management, knows what it takes to reconcile these manually. She came into contact with Adra’s products 10-15 years ago.

“Adra ACCOUNTS provides invaluable help, and gives us excellent overview” says Margit Andersen, Bookkeeper at the Municipality of Kolding’s Central Administration, and system administrator for Adra ACCOUNTS .

The tender from Adra contained a reconciliation solution based on Adra ACCOUNTS . This software suite was initially developed for reconciliation between bank and accounts, but is also extremely flexible when it comes to reconciling transactions from different file formats. The municipality was convinced by the proposal Adra made, and the contract was signed in October 2010, a couple of months after the invitation to tender was sent out.

“Before we got Adra ACCOUNTS , reconciliation was hard work and very time-consuming. Nowadays, it’s simple, quick and correct. That means we can do the work in the safe knowledge that everything balances and is traceable,” says Oddrun Fristad from Nemi Forsikring’s Accounts Department.

Orkla has recently signed a framework agreement with Adra Match regarding reconciliation, implying that these types of functions will be automated at all Orkla companies. The solution was set up and is operated by Orkla Shared Services, to ensure that no single company in the group will have to engage in this. Including a new company in the solution only takes a few days.

Optimera uses Adra RECEIVABLESfor all sorts of incoming payments made electronically. Apart from ordinary bank payments, there can also be partial payments, payments on account, etc. We do not receive payments from abroad, as they go to our subsidiaries, but payments from the Faeroes and Greenland are also handled by Adra RECEIVABLES.

“Before we got Adra ACCOUNTS, there were 3 of us who each spent a week on the monthly account reconciliation. It takes just 2 of us between 1 and 2 days now. Account reconciliation is not the most pleasant part of accounting, and we are therefore glad to have freed up so many resources for other, and more interesting work. It has also meant less stress and a more satisfying working day.”

The Sparekassen Vendsyssel bank has experienced rapid growth in all areas within recent years, and performed 4 takeovers of other local banks. Most of the region of Vendsyssel is now covered, with head office in Vrå and 18 branches around the area. There is also a branch in Copenhagen, opened in the summer of 2007.

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Twilfit is a retail lingerie chain, with stores across the country. That means many outlets and a very high volume of transactions, which makes maintaining maximum control over revenues very complicated. The organisation is lean, and with only two people in the accounts department, the responsibility and workload are heavy.

Zenith, the market-leading supplier of fleet options in the UK, upgraded their reconciliation processes. “The majorityof the matching process is now significantly automated enabling staff to focus on the exceptions” says Rob Butler, Finance Director. The firm is now on target to save 50% on time within 12 months, using Adra ACCOUNTS.