Does your company maintain hundreds – or even thousands – of accounts each month? Then you know the challenge of reporting accurate numbers to a tight deadline.

Whether you’re working with spreadsheets, binders or a digital archive, maintaining effective control and a clear overview are essential. You need to have all documentation in place and the means to access the status of every person and every task in the close process at any given moment.

This is where Adra BALANCER comes in. BALANCER streamlines and digitizes the monthly financial close process, allowing you to replace cumbersome spreadsheets and error-prone manual tasks with a full real-time overview of the entire balance sheet reconciliation process. So you can trust your numbers, free up time, and close faster.

BALANCER puts finance managers and their staff back in control with full visibility, accuracy and compliance throughout the entire month-end close process.

 System overview with selected screenshots


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    Total control of balance sheet reconciliation

    BALANCER provides you with total control, from the import and preparation of balances to final approval and review. Throughout the process, you have both a real-time overview and access to all details, whether you are a controller, risk manager, compliance or finance manager. So if you are preparing, approving or reviewing reports, BALANCER will work for you.

    Real-time overview

    BALANCER gives you instant visibility, at all times, into the planning, progress and status of the reconciliation process. This includes visibility of the different roles of preparer, approver and reviewer, in addition to reconciliation policies and procedures.

    Simplified compliance

    BALANCER simplifies regulatory compliance by safeguarding the quality of your final balances as they are carried down. It provides instant tracking, as well as an audit trail that can be made digitally available to any internal or external auditor.

    Increased productivity

    Policies and procedures are distributed for every account – regardless of your staff’s location – so that each person knows how their tasks should be completed, as well as when and how.

    Error-prone tasks are eliminated, allowing staff to concentrate on their top priorities of reconciling and approving. As well as freeing up staff time, the automation of a number of key processes significantly reduces printing costs – all of the data is instantly uploaded to a secure digital archive, thereby eliminating the need for archive binders and photocopies.

    Faster closing, avoiding risks

    By streamlining and digitizing the month-end close process, BALANCER can help shorten the entire process by days. At the same time, it eliminates the usual trade-off between speed and accuracy by simplifying compliance and meeting the high demands of governance for the financial close process.

    Now we can concentrate on important things such as analysis and strategy, and to review more processes where we can streamline and gain time.

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