Does your company struggle to keep track of recurring processes across teams and subsidiaries? Processes like the financial close, VAT and tax reporting, PBC lists, other operational checklists, processes or financial controls?


TASK MANAGER is purpose-built for finance teams and for recurring processes. It’s designed to make it super-easy to create, build and manage world-class processes.



If you’re like most of our customers, you manage your checklists in long lists on shared spreadsheets. You struggle with overview, control and efficiency. It´s hard – if not impossible – to enforce tight, consistent processes across teams, subsidiaries and countries, and you’re frustrated by all the limitations of shared spreadsheets. Continue reading to learn how TASK MANAGER solves these challenges:

Task Templates and Library

Build your tasks once, re-use periodically or ad hoc. Describe the purpose and procedures of all tasks to ensure consistent behavior.

Task Lists

Select tasks from your TASK MANAGER task library to organize into lists such as the closing calendar, finance and accounting manual or budget process. Or you can import your complete list of tasks from a spreadsheet. Create dependencies, subtasks and on-task checklists to make sure everything gets done correctly.

Adra Task Manager period Close 2015-06

Zero-Day concept

You don’ t need to set the due-date on each task. You define a +/- relationship towards a Zero-Day such as the close date. Set the Zero-Day for the whole Task List and all task will get their due-date automatically.

Task overview and Dashboards

The advanced task grid with drag-and-drop grouping gives you the overview you need. Dashboards supplies you with graphical status insights.


TM Dashboard

E-Mail notifications, reminders and In-App alerts

Alerts and reminders – also available for your smartphone – make sure that everyone knows what to do, when and how. 

Evidence and collaboration

Upload supporting documents and make comments on tasks. The team concept makes it easy for different team members to collaborate on tasks, for instance by preparing different items on the on-task checklist.

Workflow, segregation of duties and audit trails

Approval workflow and segregation of duties make it possible to ensure governance and control. Audit trails tracks every event within a task.

How Adra supports Internal Control – Read more here


Stay on top of your tasks and processes at all times. Use your smartphone or tablet to review tasks, certify when they’re done, review and approve them or get a status overview.

Adra task Manager On the Go 2015-06-09 

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Build and manage world-class processes

At last, you can achieve streamlined processes with consistent behavior and ensure that those processes are completed with quality.


At the same time as you enforce best practices, company policies and procedures, you’ll also create standardized behavior and improved efficiency, freeing up time to achieve even more.

Control and risk mitigation

Control your operational efficiency and your financial reporting. Get visibility on control tasks across your organization. Enforce and manage your internal control tasks. Read more about how Adra´s solutions support Internal Control

Adra Task Manager Financial Controls_

Reduce Lead-Time, shorten your process and get done in time

Automate the management of your financial close and business processes. Free up lead-time, shorten your process and get finished on time.

Improve Collaboration and keep your staff happy

Eliminate excess emails, telephone calls, conference calls and status meetings to synchronize progress. No more locked spreadsheet accessibility issues. Instead, TASK MANAGER ensures every user is up to date and that teams co-operate smoothly.

Adra Task Manager_Operational Efficiency

 TASK MANAGER – Feature list

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