The 360 Customer Success program is our promise to you. We will make sure the implementation is a success, that all users are onboard and has adopted the solution. We will continuously asist you in your efforts to improve your finance process. 

Adra Customer Success program 20151215

The program has four phases:

  • On-Boarding
  • Adoption
  • Success Review
  • Develop

There is a guided timeline for an Adra customers’ first year of implementation, however, these phases can overlap. The various initiatives in each quadrant are particularly pertinent for customers who are undergoing phased roll outs.

Adoption Timeline_Phase

The program does not end after the first year; success reviews, development meetings and alerts will continue to exist.  Adra’s Customer Support and Customer Success Managers are measured by the responsiveness and overall happiness of Adras customer base. This ensures the philosophy of Customer Success is maintained through the Adra organisation.


On-Boarding is the most critical phase of any software investment, especially in a finance transformation project. Adra is committed to making this project easy and successful by ensuring that customers obtain the correct support. Upon signature, customers can expect to receive:

  • Registrations for solution setup
  • A Welcome Pack detailing all contacts and escalation points
  • A dedicated Solution Consultant as an on-boarding point of contact and best practice advice in getting started with the project


During the adoption phase, Adra wants to ensure that all users are given the opportunity to get to know the solution and engage with their new process. Customers can expect:

  • Ongoing user training release notes
  • Support Services
  • Walkthrough videos
  • Customer Webinars

Success Review

Customers can contact Adra at any time, however, the Success Review is specifically designed to ensure a dedicated Customer Success Manager assists in quantifying and continuing to improve your finance process. Typically, topics discussed at the success review are:

  • Review original project objectives and measure success; was the ROI achieved? Do you now have more control and visibility?
  • Define current objectives; what are the next steps in your program of continuous improvement?
  • How can Adra continue to support you as our customer; are there any key new features you would like to see developed? Do you want any further consulting on best practice? 
  • Are there other areas of our solutions offerings that could help but are not being utilised?


As a customer, at this stage you are coming up to your yearly cycle. Adra wants to continuously develop and enable you within our solution platform. We will perform a review and bench mark the current usage levels. Customers will be able to:

  • Obtain key KPI’s over how process improvement year on year.
  • Gain visibility into features not being utilised that could potentially assist in continuous process improvement.
  • New Products and Features

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