Today, you and other finance staff are under pressure to close the books faster with higher quality, a better overview, total control and full compliance. And to do it with less staff. Your team tend to be overwhelmed with transactional issues and can´t find enough time to be involved in analytical and strategic issues that truly help the business forward.

You know that your employees are knowledge workers that have high demands on job satisfaction and you are challenged to keep your staff happy because of the workload. High staff turnover is not uncommon.

For closing the books or for executing all task lists, you, like most organisations, unfortunately revert to Excel as a tool of choice. You know heavy spreadsheets and manual routines results in drawbacks such as inconsistent updates, no secure segregation of duties, unsatisfying internal controls and inefficiency. It also makes it difficult for you to enforce a common way of working across the whole organization and all subsidiaries, or offices. Your processes are not as tight as you want them to be.

But, you are committed to improve! You have high ambitions and want to find a better way of working.


Our heart: Purpose built tools

Since, 1989 we have been passionate about developing purpose built tools for eliminating the use of spreadsheets and binders in finance processes. All our products are offered as easy-to-use cloud software.

Today, we are a market leader and world experts in reconciling transactions and automating the Financial Close. But, our different products are also used for creating enhanced Financial Controls and for creating Operational Efficiency.

We believe that modern, easy-to-use software that are purpose-built for finance and accounting teams can deliver superior quality, control and efficiency while at the same time support tighter processes and smarter way of working.

Our Brand Promise 

Adra is an acronym for administrative rationalization and everything we do is focused to fulfill that brand promise.

Our reputation, Awards & Recognition

Our commitment to automate manual tasks in finance and accounting has resulted in international recognition and awards.

  • CIO Review – 10 Most Promising Accounting Software Vendors
  • SIIA – Most Disruptive & Overall Winner for Innovation within Financial Services
  • Red Herring Global 100 Award
  • Red Herring European 100 Award
  • European Business Award Finalist – Customer Focus

Our commitment to Customer Success – or what “Easy” means to us

We have a pay-as-you-grow business model with subscription fees. We don´t charge high upfront costs that makes us “fat and happy”. Instead, our business only becomes profitable with time. Customer Success and loyalty is therefore fundamentally important for us. We have therefore adopted a 360-degree view on Customer Success where “Easy” is implemented everywhere. It should be:

  • …easy to find us and understand what we do
  • …easy to learn about the products with great product material and videos
  • …easy to buy from us. We have straight forward terms and conditions and big ears. We listen and are flexible
  • …easy to implement our products. 90% of all customers self-deploy or use less than three days of consulting support
  • …easy to learn and use our products through intuitive software and online video tutorials
  • …easy to get support through our online Support Center where more than 200 video tutorials and How-To articles can be found

Our Partners – Compliment the tools with Best Practice

We all know the concept of “Tools, Process and People”. Finance Transformation includes improving in all areas. Only getting great tools is not always enough. Our implementation and know-how Partners are here to help you review and implement best practices and smart way of working.

If you belong to a company with extensive know-how of finance and accounting processes and/or software, please contact us. We are working hard to expand our global partner network.

Global company with Scandinavian heritage

Adra HQ is in Oslo, Norway but our customers are global. Cloud software has completely removed the national boundarie with self-deployable products, great partners, online support and online meetings.  We are helping companies around the world to automate and streamline their Financial Close, enhance their Financial Controls and achieve increased Operational Efficiency.

With that said, we are proud of our Scandinavian heritage. Many great software companies come from Scandinavia and we have a lot of very talented people.

We also believe our business culture is to our and your advantage. We believe Scandinavian business culture means that we are…

  • …honest and straightforward. We will not promise what we can´t deliver.
  • …easy to do business with. Our law firm is not getting rich on us.
  • …used to do business in different cultures. Since the Viking era Scandinavian people have been travelling the world for trade, fun and business.
So, wherever you are in the world – you will be in good hands.


Brands that trust us – large and small

Among the 1.400 companies that use our products are large multinationals, local leaders, midsize enterprises and smaller businesses.  Whatever your size, our products can help you.

But why take our word for it? Why not see what our customers says?

Our history – key milestones

>    2017 Adra is combined with Trintech, a leader in cloud-based solutions that automate and control the financial close accounting process, and forms a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of financial solutions supporting organizations across the globe.

>    2016 Adra changes its legal name from Adra Match to Adra Software, in recognition of the multiple solutions it now provides to finance departments of multi-national companies in 30 countries across the globe.

>    2015 TASK MANAGER – Cloud solution for the financial close and other accounting processes. Gives you control, full overview and efficiency.  Build and manage world class processes within the finance department.

>    2014 Passed milestone of 100 BALANCER customers, only one year after the launch.

>    2014 New Award: “10 Most Promising Accounting Software Vendors” by CIO Review.

>    2013 BALANCER – a purpose built tool for Balance Sheet Reconciliations – is launched after close customer involvement, supporting also financial close and operational efficiency. First application on the new Adra Platform.

>    2012 Announcement that more than 3000 companies in over 30 countries are using Adra products.

>    2011 Started development of the new Adra Platform. A new multi-tenant cloud platform, designed to run all future Adra applications.

>    2010 Intercompany reconciliation solution introduced with ACCOUNTS.

>    2009 ACCOUNTS available as SaaS solution, simplifying the implementation process.

>    2007 Launch of ACCOUNTS, a complete new generation of our Transaction Matching software .

>    2000 Launched RECEIVABLES, a solution for automatically updating payments and delivered instant ROI.

>    1990-2000 Fast growth of the customer base in Scandinavia solving the need to reconcile bank, credit-card, interim, supplier and many other high volume accounts.

>    1990 First Customer, Cargo Partner AS in Oslo, Norway, receives a software for Transaction Matching.

>    1989 Adra AS was founded in Norway by Sverre Stockinger when he as a hired Accounting Consultant was assigned to help a major Scandinavian bank to reconcile transactions and was stunned to see how “an army” of back-office accountants manually matched millions of transactions. He quickly realized that “smart software should be able to do this” and founded Adra.