Espen Odland Larsen

There was a time when the Finance Department at Adra, like many other companies, didn’t have an automated process for their financial tasks. We thought it would be great to find out how it used to be for our own finance team before and after they implemented the powerful new solution TASK MANAGER. And who would be best to give us all this information than our own CFO and his team?

We managed to sit down with them for a few minutes, so they could tell us a little bit about the way they work today using TASK MANAGER and how the processes have changed.

  • What was the process like before using TASK MANAGER?

Without the solution, closing the month meant a lot of emails back and forth between accounting offices, having different documents in Word and Excel that needed to be updated manually with deadlines and notes. To top it all off, supporting accounting documents were sent by email for booking in the general ledger. Working manually was time consuming and the hours involved increased exponentially as the company was growing globally to the point where people had to work extra hours to be able to stick to the deadlines.

  • What was the implementation process like?

The first step to automation was to transfer all the tasks and information from Excel to TASK MANAGER. Luckily, we worked very closely with the R & D team so we could contribute to the development of a customized solution that will fit Finance Teams’ needs.

Sofie, our Financial Controller, enjoyed being part of the implementation process and be able to get exactly what the team needed. She explained the program is intuitive and easy to use and as it is very flexible, it can be improved constantly.

Task Manager is intuitive and easy to use”

  • What are the benefits of working with TASK MANAGER?

When asked about the benefits, our Finance Team excitedly told us they now have time because the whole team is better coordinated. There are less emails and opportunities to lose information or documentation. Additionally, because they added detailed procedures, anyone can easily access information and perform tasks.

  • How do you use it?

We use it for the monthly close process, we now have better overview and control of not only who has done which task but as well what is left to do and making sure it is done in the correct order. The solution can adapt to the team and therefore it can be used as teams or individuals.

  • In which ways do you think it improves the processes/ways of working?

I used to have to catch up with my team while getting coffee, now I have full overview on the Dashboard and don’t have to chase them for an update. Since using TM, the team is more efficient, it is much simpler to manage tasks and segregate duties within the team. Now everyone is informed of what needs to be done, how and when. With the dashboards they have complete overview with simple graphs that show everything in real-time.

 I used to have to catch up with my team while getting coffee, now I have full overview on the Dashboard and don’t have to chase them for an update”

The best reason to use TASK MANAGER isn’t saving time but certifying that the procedures have been followed when completing the task. This results in better Internal Control and Compliance.

We would like to thank Espen and his team for opening up to us and for giving us an insight on how they work more effectively using TASK MANAGER.

If you would like to get more information about TASK MANAGER, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to answer all your questions.

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