Today, Financial Close Software provider Adra launched the first chapter in a series of releases from their new E-book entitled, The Essential Guide to Financial Close Management.


The E- Book was compiled using the company’s wealth of internal knowledge surrounding the modern financial close process along with input from external experts, complimented with surveys, research and statistics. The paper aims to illuminate the trends and challenges faced in the modern-day accounting department whilst offering up ideas and insight into how organisations can evolve their own processes to stay ahead of the curve.

The release

The E-book will be released in 4 stages with chapters covering, Reconciliation Management, Financial Process Management, Financial Close Management and Control and Compliance. You can download the first chapter on Reconciliation Management here.

Quotes from companies that have automated their reconciliation prcess:

“We moved from a spreadsheet-based reconciliation system to a cloud-based solution which has proven invaluable in satisfying audit-trail requirements.”, Asset Management Frim, United Kingdom

“This was a hallelujah moment for us! The time saved by automating processes has enabled us to focus on more value-added work in our everyday lives.”, Insurance Company, Norway


For additional information, please contact:

Peter Almgren, Marketing Director, Adra


Tel: +46 (0) 8 725 91 00