The application is hosted by Adra Match and the customer receives automatic updates, more reliability and simpler processing. There is also a lot of money to be saved.

– For those with up to ten users, this is a cheaper solution than having the program on their own server, says Anders Eriksson, product manager of Adra Match.

The SaaS solution has been developed for Adra Match’s automatic account reconciliation program Adra Match Accounts – a program used by more than 2,000 customers in the Nordic countries.

– Those who buy our SaaS solution do not need to install Adra Match Accounts on their own server. Letting Adra Match host the application means that we take care of the regular updates, which means increased reliability. Continuous back-ups are also made of customer data. It is also often significantly cheaper to let us host the service than to handle it yourself, says Anders Eriksson.

For those who choose the SaaS solution, installation is complete in five days and the customer can start to use the new tool quickly.  Adra Match’s SaaS solution has been developed together with the company’s Norwegian IT partner Intility and is based on the well-known Citrix. The customer can easily click onto the system via a link, user name and password. Each customer has its own database at Adra Match, which makes the solution secure.

The whole operating environment is constantly monitored via automatic and manual monitoring tools and preventive maintenance is carried out regularly. Adra Match can also give support more easily by connecting directly with the user’s system. The solution is not dependent on any particular platform and can be run on PC, Mac, UNIX and Linux with many business systems.