Adra’s customers can quickly start using the ACCOUNTS solution on Azure

Adra announces that Microsoft Azure now powers ACCOUNTS, Adra’s Cloud Based Transaction Matching Solution. ACCOUNTS customers will quickly be up and running, with minimum investment and great scalability. This applies for both new and existing customers.

ACCOUNTS customers can quickly start using the solution and be productive on the Microsoft Azure platform. Typically a new organization can be up and running within the same working day. ACCOUNTS customers use Adra’s solution on Azure with minimum investment and have the possibility to scale up as they grow.

Adra ACCOUNTS is typically used intensively for a few days during the month-end close, and is kept idle for the rest of the time. Azure provides the necessary power at peak-time, while hosting the solution at minimum cost when not in use.

Privacy and security for financial data are critical to Adra’s customers. With Azure security built into the Microsoft cloud from the ground up, Adra, working together with Microsoft, can look forward to enhanced security for all our customers.


Using Microsoft Azure, our customers can run Adra ACCOUNTS in a highly secure and scalable cloud environment, which is always available. In addition, you only pay for what you need when you need it and scale up as you grow.” – Lars Owe Nyland, CEO, Adra


The Adra ACCOUNTS Reconciliation System is a solution to automate, standardize and visualize the processing of transactions and to create specifications for the month-end close. The solution is flexible and suits all types of financial transaction matching. In order to meet increasing demands for a more scalable and global solution we teamed up with Microsoft Azure.

About Adra
Adra develops and markets software for the Financial Close Process. With over 25 years experience providing software for the automation of the Month End Close Process, Adra is a market leader with 3000 customers.
Our software for the Financial Close helps accounting and finance teams to work smarter and quicker, with better control and accuracy. The solutions streamline and standardize accounts departments and give them an overview of the company’s balancing process at all times.
Adra has an origin in Scandinavia just like many other financial software companies like Axapta, Navision, IBS, IFS, Jeeves and Visma and today we serve customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Among our customers are Hertz, GE Capital, KPMG, Toyota, IKEA and BMW.

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Peter Almgren
Marketing Director, Adra