Addison, Texas and Menlo Park, California – January 3rd, 2018  Trintech, a leading global provider of integrated, cloud-based Record to Report (R2R) software solutions for the office of finance, today announced a majority recapitalization by global growth equity investor Summit Partners. After a period of remarkable growth, existing investor Vista Equity Partners and Trintech management will continue to retain a […]

If you were audited today, how compliant would your organization be? Do you have the appropriate internal controls in place to secure the accuracy of all your numbers? Let’s face it, new regulations are changing the game all the time and it’s not easy to keep up. So what can you do? There is no […]

Leaders in financial close software combine to form comprehensive and innovative portfolio of financial solutions supporting organizations across the globe. Dallas, TX – November 1, 2017–  Trintech, a leading global provider of integrated, cloud-based Record to Report software solutions for the office of finance, today announced it has acquired Adra Software, a leading provider of […]

Three steps to moving up the value chain Not long ago, reactive finance departments were the norm, suffering from rushed processes, vague routines and poorly documented approvals. Surprisingly, many of these problems still remain. In this post, we explore how modern cloud-based software can usher in a new era where financial managers have complete control […]

A study of the R2R process and what you can do to make it a better experience for your team. How does your company’s Financial Close process measure up in comparison to your peers? How does your process compare to other businesses in terms of speed, stress levels and satisfaction? What could you do to […]

Taking on a more strategic role as a CFO requires a smarter, more efficient approach to reconciliation management. Everyone, from your CEO to business owners, banks and auditors, wants a clear view on the company’s financial position. And of course, they want it fast and 100% accurate. In this post we examine how to avoid […]

Today, Financial Close Software provider Adra launched the first chapter in a series of releases from their new E-book entitled, The Essential Guide to Financial Close Management.   The E- Book was compiled using the company’s wealth of internal knowledge surrounding the modern financial close process along with input from external experts, complimented with surveys, […]

Any organization should be able to produce accurate and timely financial statements in a reasonable amount of time after the month’s end. Financial statements are crucial to management, so they can understand the financial health of the organization and make short-term and long-term operation and strategic decisions in a timely manner.   An important tool […]

Data-driven approach to compliance – Take a look at some key pointers on how to measure compliance. Are you taking the right steps to ensure accuracy?  Key performance indicators (KPIs) have always been the cornerstone of the review process for finance and operations groups. Creating a benchmark for success is essential in any business function, […]

Digitising the finance function with solutions from Basico’s CFO Toolbox can bring many benefits. The digitisation of processes is not only about reducing costs, but also about increasing quality and freeing up time for value-creating activities. Technology is now available that can help streamline a variety of processes; both inside and outside the finance function. […]