Estate Agent Krogsveen have chosen to use Adra Match BALANCER for project management in connection with their month-end close process. We caught up with them to hear a little about the experiences they have made after using the system over a few month-end closes:

“We began the implementation in November 2013 and have six concurrent users. In addition the internal auditor also gained access to the solution, which was really good. Previously we used Excel spreadsheets and binders, and felt that we had a good process for the month-end close.

Our experience after having used balancer for a while, is that we have a much better control and are able to follow the progress. In addition to that, it’s easier to find things now that everything is in one place. This means that we save valuable time in a hectic period of the month.

The auditor also reported that they feel they have a better view and do not have to print out documents in advance. They can easily get an overview and can go straight to the relevant accounts.

The solution is very user friendly and we can handle most of the maintenance ourselves. We have a super user who can set up new accounts and make the adaptations we have needed.

We were one of the first customers that started using BALANCER. We feel that Adra Match has been open to us during the implementation; they have been good at communicating news and further development of the solution.

If we could add to the wish list of additional functionality in BALANCER, we would like to have is a checklist of all the tasks you do in a month-end close.”

About Estate Agent Krogsveen:

  • Established in Bærum in 1975 by entrepreneur and estate agent Gunnar Krogsveen Specialists in real estate
  • 300 employees
  • 44 real estate agencies, with emphasis Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund
  • 457 million in revenue in 2013
  • Market share between 10 and 30 percent in our local markets
  • Mediated 7,700 properties in 2013
  • Owned by Danske Bank