What happens when you take the plunge with an automated system?

Whether you are a small, medium or large company, you will be wondering what impact changing from manual to automated reconciliation will have on your business.

You are probably used to the fact that any change in your ERP/Accounting Systems or other financial software takes months and requires a huge amount of effort from your side – not to mention huge consultancy fees. This is simply the norm and you are, rightly so, very hesitant to any change. The cost and effort of implementing changes to your accounting systems is too big to seem worth it, and, at most, you might only see a marginal return.

The great thing? There is some financial software that doesn’t conform to the same arduous constraints. Automating your reconciliation process through state-of-the-art financial software is possible with very little effort, and cost, on your side.

Short term change for long term gain

The first point to emphasise is that yes, it really can take as little as 1-3 days to automate your reconciliation processes. Compare this to the repeated, long-term impacts that slow process and errors can make through manual reconciliation procedures. We have already looked at the frightening consequences of financial fumbles. The mistakes made through manual reconciliation lead to fines and continued fire-fighting affecting efficiency, productivity and labour costs. 3 days of installing software, training and implementing really is a small price to pay.

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The installation process

With our cloud-based hosted software solutions your IT department hardly need to be involved.

If you prefer to have on-premise installation on your own servers it´s done quickly and easily by our consultants. A small involvement from your IT is required simply for server access but otherwise the process is fairly hands-off.

We have developed a ultra-smooth method of file-import & export that means we don´t have to rely on ERP consultants. With 3000 installations across hundreds of different ERP systems and bank files, our software still hasn´t failed.

No files need to be changed or reformatted before you begin. The Adra Match software is designed to adapt to different text formats when imported, so whatever state your data is in, you are ready to go.

Staff training is painless as the software is designed to be as straightforward and Intuitive for users as possible.

The rewards

Losing sleep when reports are due, losing sleep during report compilation, losing sleep once reports submitted…these are just the inevitable pitfalls of accountancy, right? Wrong.

With Adra Match you could be automatically reconciling thousands of accounts automatically in a matter of minutes – improving accuracy, giving you access to great reporting tools and saving you vast amounts of time. The price: a few days installation and a flexible pricing model based on usage. Contact us for a quote for your business.

Automation can apply to all aspects of reconciliation, from bank to internal balances

Errors are all but eradicated and data can be found and matched whenever it is needed, completely on-demand. The benefits of automated reconciliation remain underrated only because of the fear of change. We are happy to sell, sell and sell again the benefits of the software, to help you get a good night’s rest.

And if you need any further proof of the benefits that automated reconciliation software will bring to your business, simply take a look at the case studies on our website.