Do you have a fast friend? The kind of person you developed an instant liking for and quickly became bosom buddies with? It’s great when you find someone you just click with, who knows what you are going to say before you say it. But have you ever felt that way about accounting software?

Probably not. 

month end close reconciliation, financial fraud, financial fraud prevention,At Adra Match we often hear of clients suffering with difficult software. The kind of software that takes ages to install, is tricky to train people on, and takes years to get used to. I’m sure we have all experienced something similar – even if not with accounting reconciliation software – and it is incredibly frustrating. You make the software purchase with the idea that it will make your life simpler and more efficient, but for the first six months it takes even longer to do your work while you get used to its…quirks.

We all probably know or have worked with someone similar: they seem to know what they are doing and their skills and experience looks good on paper, but when it comes down to it they end up creating more work than they actually do. That is why many companies have probation periods – a period of time at the start of a new work contract where a company can put a new recruit through their paces, check that they know what they are doing and make sure they fit within the company. So why don’t finance departments make the same demand of their account reconciliation software? 

Easy implementation

A key benefit of Adra Match’s software range is that they all run from a secure Cloud environment. That means that the software is hosted, maintained and updated off-site on a secure server and is accessed via a network connection.

Hosting the software on the Cloud makes it incredibly quick to install as there is no installation – all you need is a web browser. And any updates or upgrades can be done from the Cloud server, meaning minimal downtime and disruption. 

Here’s what some of our clients have said: 

“It is a secure Cloud solution – no installation is needed and updates are automatic. We only needed a 4 hour set up. As it is intuitive and self-explanatory, there was no need for training. Just log on and go – we were up and running in no time!”
– Michael Vorre, Chief Accountant of Astellas Pharma – Nordic Operations, Denmark  

“It is easy and simple for our employees to use, so we don’t need lots of training or documentation to show staff the right method of doing things.”
– Niels Rotendahl, General Manager of Finance at Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S

“We found the Adra Match team very easy to work with. They were very helpful when it came to setting up the software and have also come in to help with upgrades. They are very quick to respond to any queries we have. To be honest, though, the software is so easy to use that we hardly ever need their help!”
– Jane Everett, Finance Assistant, Kuoni Group 

Try before you buy

With all of Adra Match’s financial reconciliation software, you get to try before you buy. Our free demos use live data from your own accounts to give you a taste of what the software is like to use. No tricks, no ‘specially selected data sets,’ your own data processed ad reconciled in front of your eyes in a matter of minutes.

If that sounds like a magic trick, let us assure you it isn’t. Our high-profile clients, with offices and branches around the world, all agree that Adra Match financial reconciliation software provides a quick and easy way to reconcile thousands of accounts in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand or on Excel. 

Take a look at the key benefits of Adra Match ACCOUNTS and BALANCER software and book yourself a free demo today.