In the finance department we are stuck with a number of tedious and time-consuming financial tasks. But how can we automate them without running up against the IT bottleneck? This is how.

Whilst the number of tedious and time-consuming financial tasks, are necessary, these tasks aren’t exactly thrilling,. Most accounting staff probably secretly wish they could simply automate the tedious tasks leaving more time for the stimulating work.

– So how can we automate without running up against the IT bottleneck?

Usually, for any new technology to be implemented, we need to go through IT department first. This means meeting with the IT team to discuss our financial automation requirements. They must then research our requirements in more detail – Does a solution currently exist? Can it be integrated with our current IT system?

If they do find an automation software that fits the bill then new resources need to be allocated: Who will maintain the solution? Will it require any new competences of the IT department? Do they have the server space and processing power? Etc.

To automate even small but repetitive financial tasks actually requires us to battle through the IT bottleneck. It is probably why so many Finance Managers reconsider their automation needs several times before even speaking to IT about it.

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How to sidestep the IT bottleneck

When it comes to tediously matching the Accounts Receivables and reconciling unidentified payments, you can now side-step the IT bottleneck. You can also automate the reconciliation of your bank account statement and your sales ledger without hold-ups from your IT department. The same goes for the whole process of book closure – balancing of all accounts, countersigning and audit trail functions for the chartered accountants and so on. And here’s how:

Discover automation SaaS

Automation of those small yet tedious accounting tasks, which take up so much of our time, can now be achieved through software-as-a-service (SaaS). Implementation of SaaS is safer and far less resource intensive for your IT department, allowing you all to avoid the IT bottleneck altogether.

And, from a business point of view, SaaS is a far more beneficial solution: Your organisation’s IT resources should focus on what is strategic. The reconciliation process is necessary and automating it is a productivity measure, not a strategic one. As such, the decision to implement account automation software is one you as a Finance Manager should be able to take without facing the dreaded IT bottleneck.

 Added Security

An added benefit of SaaS is the strict and rigorous standards by which the servers hosting the software are assessed. For example, the data centres holding the Adra Match software are registered with the tough international quality standards of the Information Security Management Systems (ISO) and the Business Continuity Management Systems (BS) – making the decision to automate the bulk of the tedious manual work even easier and more secure.

 What tedious accounting tasks do you wish you could automate? Are you still reconciling your company accounts by hand?

 If you’re keen to cut out time-consuming finance tasks with Adra Match’s highly secure SaaS reconciliation solution then get in contact with us today. Alternatively, why not book a free online demo to see the software in action for yourself?