AMA 13 offers reporting at the level of detail of your choice, making the job of reconciliation both simpler and more secure, and the new functions also improve the quality of the reconciliation work.

  1. After signing on, the user finds a new welcome page. This gives the user a good overview of his or her account groups.
  2. More user roles with various specified rights makes it clearer who can do what.
  3. A more advanced and flexible search function for manual reconciliation makes it possible to search through open and reconciled items, which makes the job of reconciliation even easier.
  4. A detailed log of events and changes improves traceability.
  5. Traceability at transaction level assures the quality of the process.

With AMA 13, you can perform all types of reconciliation. It is suitable for all business systems and is easy to use.  The time saving compared with manual reconciliation is very great – up to 95 per cent.

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