Did you know that the average employee spends about 25% of their time in meetings? And at executive level, that figure rises to a whopping 90%! Employee feedback indicates that about 37% of this meeting time is wasted, costing businesses $37billion a year in wasted working hours – no wonder 90% of finance professionals say […]

Financial Directors or CFOs can often end up playing the part of ringmaster during the month-end close – keeping the whole thing going by whipping the appropriate people into shape. The truth is it is a tough balancing act for Financial Directors, one that they do not master overnight… 1.    Moving faster than the human […]

Email. What a wonderful thing. Being able to instantly communicate has made our work so much more productive… …or has it? Research by the Warwick Business School found that, since 1973, productivity had only risen by 2%. That means that despite all our technological advances we are barely more productive than we were forty years […]

And God (of accounting) spoke these words: “I am the Lord your God…of accounting, who brought you out of financial trouble, out of the land of decreasing financial returns.” Unto them he bestowed 5 commandments of balance sheet reconciliation that would forever be the foundation of an efficient and effective accounting team. Are you guilty […]

Last week was a bad week for Tesco and its investors. After a whistleblower in the finance department came forward to alert senior executives as to a potential accounting black hole, chief executive Dave Lewis was forced to admit that Tesco had overstated their profits by a whopping £250m for the first half of 2014 […]

In the heart of every finance professional – Accountant, Accounting Manager or CFO – is the desire to be economical. If finance professionals are not convinced that a purchase is necessary, if they are not convinced that it will deliver the benefits claimed or achieve a positive RoI, then it is the job of finance […]

Along with the digital and Internet age, a whole host of technological advancements have come which are empowering and enabling the finance department like never before. Cloud computing, SaaS, and intelligent automation, for example, can contribute to make your monthly financial close process more efficient, accurate and leave you time to focus on qualitative tasks. […]

Looking back over the centuries, the importance of financial accounting cannot be overlooked. As civilisations and empires (as well as multinational businesses) increase in complexity, their checks and balances have needed to keep up – both to provide accountability and to ensure the system is working as it should.  But when practiced poorly or unchecked, […]

Most of us have been there: that moment when you receive an audit request. It is enough to make even the strictest of finance manager’s blood turn cold. But do you really have anything to fear?  Audits can be a cause for alarm in any organisation. You could be the most confident finance team in […]