Cloud/SaaS solutions: What does it actually imply? Will our financial period-close data be secure? Won’t performance decrease? Won’t IT costs spiral? There are a number of “common sense” preconceptions about Cloud/SaaS solutions. Yet, in reality, many of the preconceptions are not just incorrect, they are quite opposite to the truth.  Financial reconciliation software-as-a-service (SaaS) essentially […]

Do you have a fast friend? The kind of person you developed an instant liking for and quickly became bosom buddies with? It’s great when you find someone you just click with, who knows what you are going to say before you say it. But have you ever felt that way about accounting software? Probably […]

We all have collaborative challenges with Balance Sheet Reconciliation. For multinationals, it’s even worse. But Cloud-based solutions for the month end close process are particularly transformative for account departments. Here’s why… Cloud – more than ‘storage’, a game-changer for Accounts

There seems to be an innovation for every problem in today’s world, so why are finance staff still expected to make a trade-off between speed and accuracy of the financial close?  In a recent Adra Match survey, a whopping 72% of finance staff stated that they do not trust the reported financial close figures. This […]

Recently the Adra Match team travelled across the Atlantic to New Orleans, Louisiana, to take part in Microsoft Convergence 2013. This annual conference draws crowds from across the world, keen to uncover new ways of delivering better business value to their customers with Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM solutions and all other connected partner technologies.  […]

In the finance department we are stuck with a number of tedious and time-consuming financial tasks. But how can we automate them without running up against the IT bottleneck? This is how. Whilst the number of tedious and time-consuming financial tasks, are necessary, these tasks aren’t exactly thrilling,. Most accounting staff probably secretly wish they […]

Adra Match and Visma Software have recently signed a partnership agreement The purpose is to provide optimum service to our common customers with both Visma’s and Adra Match’s solutions. There are also great opportunities to work on new customers together.

There is great interest in so-called SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions. Now Adra Match is launching a SaaS solution for automatic account reconciliation.