Along with the digital and Internet age, a whole host of technological advancements have come which are empowering and enabling the finance department like never before. Cloud computing, SaaS, and intelligent automation, for example, can contribute to make your monthly financial close process more efficient, accurate and leave you time to focus on qualitative tasks. […]

Cognitive surplus has proven gold dust for other departments. It’s about time you benefit from it in the finance department too. Go beyond the obviousThe typical financial processes that businesses can employ to drive growth are fairly obvious: cutting into the bottom line, maximising revenues at the top line, and calculating the return on investment […]

Speed and quality are contradictious. More speed means less quality. More quality means less speed. But the demands on financial staff for the month end close process are to satisfy both. Speed AND quality. How on earth? The pressure is on for finance staff to complete the month end close process faster, according to a […]

There are very few managers in any organisation who do not feel under pressure. Yet they tend to assume that other departments are under roughly the same level of stress, if not a little less – a bit of ‘grass is always greener’ psychology.  But do other managers really suffer the same pressure and stress as […]

In our previous blog “Controlling Chaos” we delved into the world of retail accounts and found chaos was still prevalent when it comes to account reconciliation. Retail companies across Europe are still data matching their receipts, invoices and credit card statements manually, creating days of work and potentially hundreds of errors. We have already looked […]