The Adra Match automatic account reconciliation software is available in a cloud-based solution, also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS), as well as on-premise installation. Which type of installation is best will be specific to each company, but it is useful to know what the benefits of running SaaS as opposed to locally installed software are.

Low total cost of ownership

A big uncertainty when it comes to buying any new software is the potential operational expense, especially over time. ’On premise installations of financial software has a number of cost drivers outside the license fees for the application itself:

  • Higher on-site installation cost
  • Higher on-site user training cost
  • Cost of server hardware
  • Fees for database and/or operating system licenses
  • Server room costs like rack-space, operational costs like power and cooling, security etc
  • Training cost of IT Staff
  • Operational cost for IT maintenance, monitoring and software upgrades

With SaaS, all of the cost for running the software is absorbed by the SaaS provider giving you a predictable total cost of ownership.  You pay the licence fees and none other costs are of your concern. 

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One advantage with SaaS is that you don´t need to worry about scalability and performance. The nature of cloud hosted software is that the hosting provider is taking care of this as you grow.


Most  SaaS Providers such as Adra Match’s software, you pay for the usage you need.. You pay for the usage of the system, which means a linear and scalable business model. This feature makes SaaS perfect for growing businesses as it allows for infinite scalability.

Easy Deployment

As with most SaaS, the Adra Match software is quick and easy to install. The software is hosted on a remote server, so installation is merely a case of installing shortcuts and establishing users which takes just a few hours. Users can usually also access the software via their usual laptop or tablet device making software adoption much quicker and easier.

Cloud deployment also makes the transition much smoother for your IT staff as there is virtually nothing for them to install or set up. Maintenance is also handled by the vendor, meaning an easier life for your IT department – free of upkeep hassle.

 Highly Secure& reliable

Local network IT security and reliability can be very good, however data centres (where the software actually operates) security & reliability  is usually of the highest standard. Higher than most corporate companies.  


If you would like to find out more about the Adra Match software-as-a-service, then get in touch today or book yourself a free online demonstration.