Toyota Financial Services, Swedish Branch, has signed an agreement with Adra Match to streamline and digitize their monthly financial close process.

Right after the market launch you decide to become the first Swedish customer, we would like to know why.

“When I saw BALANCER I understood its unique advantage and how much effort it could save us. The demand would be very high as soon as other CFOs would start thinking about it. I didn’t want to end up too far back in the queue otherwise we would have to wait too long. No, I said to myself, we have to be quicker than the others. Here we can gain a lot, we cannot miss this opportunity… I was ready to stand up during the presentation and order Balancer straight away. But I realized I could have looked a bit bizarre”.

Robert Erkers, Finance Manager, is satisfied. He has not wasted time.

“With BALANCER our monthly financial reconciliation and closing routines are going to be improved and well defined. We will skip using binders to archive as the system archives everything electronically. It will also simplify our working routines thanks to the different permission levels that the system offers”, explains Erkers, Financial Manager.

Toyota Financial Services will use BALANCER for the month-end close process, to gain control over the entire process with full visibility, a complete overview and more accuracy.

The transaction matching of their balance accounts is currently done in Adra Match ACCOUNTS which will now be uploaded directly into BALANCER for all the balance sheet account reconciliation.

“I am very tired of Excel as a professional tool in established processes. It is good for ad hoc solutions but useless in processes”, says Robert Erkers, Finance Manager, while shaking his head.

“We have enjoyed a very good working relationship with Toyota Financial Services for many years, which will now be deepened further”, says Angel Delgado, Key Account Manager at Adra Match.

About Toyotal Financial Services

Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC), wholly owned by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), was established in July 2000 as a holding company of Toyota’s financial subsidiaries worldwide and offers financial products and services to support Toyota vehicle sales such us Toyota or Lexus in more than 30 countries/locations. In Sweden Toyota finances around 39.000 vehicle contracts with a value of SEK3.9 billion.