More time, more money and more enjoyable work

Clas Ohlson saves time, money and staff by reconciling automatically with Adra ACCOUNTS.
“The time saved is enormous,” says Accounts Manager, Anna Eriksson. “Just reconciling the 54 Swedish stores would take several days a month, now it’s done in one hour.”

Seven years ago, all reconciliation at Clas Ohlson was done with pen and paper. A task that took ever more time and personnel. The company has steadily expanded with more stores in Sweden and abroad, and needed a faster and more efficient system.

“Manual reconciliation is an incredibly time-consuming job – I know because I had to do it when we started up our new stores in the UK. It took me as long to reconcile the two stores there as it normally takes me to do twelve in Sweden,” said Daniel Åberg, who works on reconciliations at Clas Ohlson’s headquarters in Insjön.

A flood becomes a trickle

“A retail chain like Clas Ohlson has very high volumes of transactions that place heavy demands on control, accuracy and efficiency. Automatic reconciliation clears all transactions that match each other so that the accounts staff can focus on checking those that are still open. Instead of a flood of ​​reconciliations, we now only have a trickle.”

Everything can be reconciled

Adra can reconcile the different types of transactions, such as daily receipts, gift vouchers and credit card payments from the various card companies, VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Diners. The system can also easily match the amounts to specific markets and shops, making it easier to check the cause of differences in the accounts. Adra can also be used to sort out debit and credit on internal accounts, such as the balance sheet accounts.

“We could never meet our deadlines for reconciliations every month without Adra. A manual system would mean that I could not do my job, or we would need more people. It’s hard to imagine that there has ever been any other way,” says Daniel Åberg.

Just reconciling the 54 Swedish stores would take several days a month, now it’s done in one hour.
Anna Eriksson, Accounts Manager, Clas Ohlson