Accessing our financial software as a service (SaaS) through the Cloud helps liberate finance departments. Instead of being limited by location, colleagues can work in parallel and in co-operation not just across the table but also across offices, cities or even countries. They can even choose what time they complete work, since the whole system is available 24/7 all year round via the internet. 

SECURITY – not just for big business

CHALLENGE: The need to secure valuable financial data is an ever-evolving top priority. Everyone wants the advantages offered by next-generation data security systems but few can afford them.

OUR CLOUD SOLUTION: Our servers are housed in secure guarded server halls. The building itself is constructed to be pretty much immune from many disasters, such as fire or flood. It is also independently verified to be compliant with world-class industry standards, such as the International Standard Organisation (ISO) and Information Security Management System (ISMS). Find out more about Microsoft Azure’s trusted Cloud. All of your data is protected with the very latest data security systems and encryption, so now everyone can afford superior data security with our Cloud implemented solutions.

BACKUPS – so you never lose key data.

CHALLENGE: Having access to financial data at your fingertips is critical to the financial close process. Systems must work together seamlessly while eliminating the risk of losing data. In the rare event that data is temporarily lost, it should be quickly restored and the system rebooted immediately.

OUR CLOUD SOLUTION: Our tried-and-tested back-up system eliminates the risk of ever losing important financial data again. All data is backed up using our enterprise-class Cloud backup system, with logs between backup points. Our SaaS system collects, compresses, and transfers data to our remote backup system, ready to be restored should the worst happen.

UPDATES – keep automatically up-to-date.

CHALLENGE: In many companies, software updates are planned and handled exclusively by the IT department. Yet, even the simplest application updates can be difficult to schedule, and are often placed far down the list of priorities.

OUR CLOUD SOLUTION: The beauty of Cloud-based updates is in their speed and simplicity. As we upgrade our software services, these updates become immediately available for you. No need to wait on the IT department.

SCALABILITY – pay as you grow. 

CHALLENGE: Have you ever found it necessary to fit your overall data capacity to fit peak-hour usage? That capacity is not being used it still needs to be paid for and maintaine? Naturally, this is an inefficient and costly use of resources to manage growth or downsizing.

OUR CLOUD SOLUTION: What makes Cloud applications different is their scalability – the ability to quickly grow or shrink, depending on your capacity needs. This is achieved by cloning tasks onto multiple virtual machines at run-time to meet changing work demands. It ensures the right capacity, high speed and access whatever your requirements at the time.

IT SUPPORT – when it’s needed, not tomorrow

CHALLENGE: IT departments have a lot to do, let alone selecting and installing software for the Financial Close, for your accounts departments. No matter how tedious your monthly data matching processes may be, it may simply not register as a high-priority for them.

OUR CLOUD SOLUTION: Cloud computing eliminates the substantial costs associated with investing in a data centre. This includes buying and maintaining complicated hardware and software. There is no need to purchase servers and computers, expensive software, or struggle up steep learning curves for IT personnel. In fact, for many smaller firms in particular, avoiding having to commit to large up-front costs is a huge advantage.

With no need to install and run the application on your own servers, you dramatically simplify your installation process – just log on and go! Configuration, maintenance and support is all taken care of, eliminating all the hidden costs associated with servers, operating systems, maintenance and training.

WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE – for all business

Today, with more than 8,000 users and a satisfaction rate of 98 percent, it’s safe to say that our technical platform and systems are working extremely well. In one year alone, we handled more than 1.5 billion transactions across Europe. Additionally, according to a Microsoft study, 80 percent of all organisations that switched over to Cloud computing reported performance gains within six months.

I tend to be quite critical, but this is probably among the smartest solutions I have seen. I am very satisfied!

Marginalen Bank