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Build and Manage World Class Processes Professional
Financial Close Processes Plan your Financial Close Calendar and Processes. Manage all closing Tasks and Checklists. Ensure all tasks are executed by the book in a streamlined process and close in time with confidence. y
Other Finance & Accounting Routines Reporting, VAT/Tax filings, Forecasts, Budget Process, Reviews, Manual Journals, PBC Lists (Prepared by client). y
Operational Checklists & Processes Create Operational Tasks and Checklists with their own due dates, separate from your Financial Close. y
Financial Controls Tasks can be tagged as Control Items and easily accessible for review of Internal Audit or Control Team. Across all department and legal entities. y
Task Setup Professional
Process Concept Optimized for recurring processes. Plan and create Tasks Lists with categories, sub-types and hierarchy between Tasks and sub-tasks. Set due dates in relation to a Zero day to achieve a smooth process flow. y
Task Lists All the Tasks in your Financial Close or Operational Process that belong together, can be tied to the same Zero day in the Task List. y
Team Concept Define your teams and have the team be responsible for performing the Task list. Main Task Owner can be defined in combination with Teams. Users can be part of multiple teams for different Tasks lists. y
Categories, Grouping and Tagging You can tie the Task to a specific Legal Entity and Department. Select Main Task Type and Sub-Type. Custom Fields are available for your own classification, grouping and tagging. y
Internal Controls Tagging Specific Tagging of Tasks that are control items in Internal Controls. Allows for a review of Internal Controls items across different Task Lists and owners. y
Task Creation Define the Tasks name, Owner, Description, Due date in relation to a Zero day, Frequency, Procedure description including potential Evidence/Document requirements. y
Task Templates You define your Tasks Template once and set its duedate in relation to a Zero day. y
Scheduling When creating a task list and adding tasks to it, each task’s due date will be automatically set according to the zero date of the task list. y
Recurring and non-recurring Tasks A Task can be recurring or non-recurring (Ad-hoc). Recurring Tasks will automatically start when a new period or Task List is started. y
Certification Rules Apply business rules to Tasks; Preparer must add a document or comment, all checklist items must be selected before the preparer can certify. y
Workflow and Alerts Professional
Approval Workflow Smooth workflow (up to five approvers) to Prepare, Approve, Reject and Review Tasks. Comments can be added to improve workflow efficiency. Approval is optional. y
Alerts, Reminders & Notifications Alerts and Notifications including e-mail alerts. Set reminder due dates and times. y
Tasks Professional
Task Creation Create tasks. y
Sub-Tasks Dependencies Create Sub-Tasks to a Task. Sub-Tasks may need to be completed before Main Task can be closed. y
Integrated Checklists Integrated Checklists on each Task or Sub-Task. Gives an easy overview of all the checklist items that needs to be performed before the Task can be completed. y
Attach Documents or Links to Tasks Attach Documents or URL links to Tasks. If made mandatory the Task can´t be completed unless there is a document uploaded. y
Comments Add comments to Tasks for smooth collaboration and for traceability. y
Certification Assurance Task Preparer and Approver certify that Tasks are performed according to guidelines and criteria’s for supporting documentation. y
Task Lists Professional
Task Lists Creation Group all the Tasks that belong in a common process in a Task List. Select the Tasks automatically by filtering on Type, subtype and categorisation of the Tasks. y
Task List Activation As all the Tasks in the Task List are defined in relation to a Zero day, you only need to set the Zero day for a Task List, and all Tasks will get their date set automatically (as their due date is set in relation to a Zero day) y
Analytics – Reports & Dashboards Professional
Time Tracking Set your expected completion time and compare actual vs expected times. Identify bottlenecks and fine-tune your processes. y
Intuitive Home Page with My Tasks The main working area for users. Home Page with clear overview of your Tasks. Sort on Status, Teams, Categories and other tags. Both tables and charts. y
Dashboard and Reports Dashboard and reports of Tasks on user level, team level, department or legal entity level, on categories or grouping. Review status and performance. y
Save Reporting Views * Sort and filter and save your own reports. y
Export to Excel Easy Export reports to Excel for analysis, sharing and printing. y
Integrity, Governance and Security Professional
Audit Trails All workflow related actions, document uploads, and comment entries etc. are logged with timestamp and user information. y
Segregation of Duties Prevent preparers from approving and/or reviewing their own Tasks. y
Whitelist of Documentation * Whitelist is a list of users that have read access to the document or link. Protects the integrity of sensitive information. y
Encryption of all Documentation All uploaded documentation is encrypted. y
Access Right Control Possibility to restrict users to only access and view their own Tasks. y
Single Sign-On Integrate with your Active Directory for Single-Sign on and user control. y
Secure Cloud Hosting and Storage Data stored in highly secure, redundant data centers with disaster recovery. y
User Interface Professional
Intuitive and Modern Design Designed like modern web applications for an intuitive experience. y
Fast and responsive based on latest web technologies The use of the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 allows for a very fast and responsive application. Minimizes page load and waiting time. y
Multilingual User interface Designed to support multiple languages. Each user can select their own preferred language. y

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