Reporting is an important part of life for everyone working in an accounts department. Adra Match Accounts (AMA) is a flexible and intuitive reporting module that is easy to use. The module allows you to create flexible, functional and reliable reports, illustrated with graphs and statistics.

With the help of the reporting module, you can also compile and view important information and analyzes of information from a database. The reports will increase the benefit of AMA, and provide relevant and interesting information for the accounting and finance functions.

Examples of reports:

Reports of risk analysis:

  • Reports showing open items by age at time intervals of 5, 10, 20, 30, 60, or more than 60 days
  • Recognized deposits not shown on the bank account, and withdrawals from the bank not shown on the general ledger
  • Control over whether reconciliation is up to date and when the last accounts were reconciled
  • Items that are reconciled with a deviation show how they were reconciled and by whom
  • Other types of reports

Reports showing:

  • Matched items as a percentage of total
  • How much time has been spent on reconciliation
  • The number of bank records compared to accounts entries
  • Reconciliation statistics
  • Value or number of matches reconciled compared to the difference
  • Balance record

It is possible to add more levels of detail to reports, such as date and time, matched by whom, and more. You can also get a graphical illustration of your report. There is also “drill down” functionality, i.e. you can click through to the underlying details of the report.

All reports can also be grouped and filtered by means of static or dynamic filters. Imagine a company with multiple sales and extensive credit card reconciliation. Grouping and filtering provides clear and self-explanatory reports, even for reconciliations with high transaction volumes, many retail outlets and complex reconciliation rules.