In order to create automated routines, we first need to import the accounting system accounts into Adra ACCOUNTS. ACCOUNTS reads text files and has been designed so as to adapt easily to different text formats. In other words, a company never needs to adapt its file formats to suit the Adra Solutions. We adapt to the file format that is provided. The import can consist of either all balance accounts or selected, transaction-intensive accounts. Besides this, we need to import transactions from external sources such as bank accounts, pre-systems, fixed assets register, ledger, subsidiary companies (for internal balances) etc. ACCOUNTS can read all accounts with the same file format at the same time. When everything has been read into the system, ACCOUNTS can update all balances for the accounts that have been read in.

Updated in ACCOUNTS

Account ERP balance Account External Source (bank) Balance Difference Number of open items
1930 2 500 43274892374 2400$ -100$ 211
1618 10 000       400
1619 7 800       34
1515 13 000       20

ACCOUNTS entire import function can also be scheduled. For businesses with many accounts and several companies on the same license, this means that Adra Scheduler can schedule everything from imports to automatic reconciliation.