In the manual display we find all the transactions that fall outside the rules we set up for automatic matching. The display for manual reconciliation is designed so that matching transactions can be found easily. Here transactions that go together are matched manually so that they can be reconciled. The transactions are then moved in with the other reconciled items. The display for presenting the remaining open items is dynamic, i.e. you can choose for yourself what information about the transaction appears in the display. Amount, date, reference and text are mandatory. But information such as cost center, area of responsibility, currency and period can easily be added. Using search and filter functions, you can easily find open items that are dedicated to a certain cost center, for example.

If you are reconciling against an external source, the items from the respective sources appear in different colors.

Open items

Accounting date Currency date Reference Amount Text Comments Cost center/responsibility Account
2012-01-25 2012-01-26 44347498 2400$ Received   602 3473893284
2012-01-26 2012-01-26 654644 2399$ ocr   602 1941
2012-01-26 2012-01-26 656654 300$ withdrawal   601 1941
2012-01-28 2012-01-29 43256654 566$ transfer   601 3473893284

Information can be entered in the comments field. The information is saved and will be available to appear in reports generated to describe the open items in the monthly accounts.