AnalyticsImagine being able to see your entire balance sheet reconciliation process unfolding before your eyes – in real time. This is one of the big advantages of BALANCER – it lets you identify any potential problems quickly, check details and even generate reports whenever the need arises.

Generate standard reports

Instead of generating reams of paper reports, we want users to be able to find the information they need easily in BALANCER. Need a report? Simply bring it up onscreen and share it with others to save substantially on paper and printing costs.

With BALANCER, you can issue standard reports containing all the details of an account’s reconciliation. This can include:

  • Details for an account reconciliation
  • Audit trail information
  • Last reviewed account
  • Aging reports

Customized dashboard view

Fortunately most of this information is already available online and in your dashboard. To customize your view, you can easily add or remove predefined dashboard elements as needed. Rather than printing, transporting and filing heaps of reports, the simplest way to check up on your reconciliations is to log in to BALANCER and navigate through your dashboard. The same goes for external auditors, who instead of traveling all the way to your location to check
your binders, can just log in from their own office.

Use real-time analytics, reports and dashboards at any time to:

  • Check the progress and status of ongoing reconciliations
  • Examine details of a particular account
  • Proactively identify potential issues