Approval WorkflowFinance departments everywhere are waking up to the obvious benefits of streamlining their workflow process. Productivity gains have been achieved in all kinds of industries, and it’s just the same with balance sheet reconciliation. By using BALANCER, you can eliminate errors, reduce the number of duplicated tasks, and free up time for you and your staff.

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    Streamlined approvals and alerts

    BALANCER makes the approval process simpler than ever before. When an account reconciliation is certified by the preparer, it’s automatically sent to the assigned approver of the account.

    The approver can then check if the reconciliation meets all requirements regarding reconciliation policies, procedures and supporting documentation, and approve it if everything’s in order. But sometimes these requirements alone aren’t enough. If the approver’s trained eye spots errors or inconsistencies, BALANCER allows them to reject the reconciliation and add explanatory notes pinpointing any issues that need to be addressed. When the preparer opens the rejected reconciliation, the explanatory notes show precisely what needs to be done to merit approval.

    Proactive response

    To ensure proactive responses, the overall and aggregated status of all preparations, approvals and other actions is alerted for both users, as in the overview dashboard. This way, BALANCER ensures that you never jeopardize the quality or speed of the re conciliation process. With the approval process defined, and the dashboard and alerts as reminders, it’s always easy to see which decisive actions need to be taken – long before it’s too late.

    Reduce errors and gain control with comprehensive approval workflow including:

    • Shared timelines
    • Real-time oversight of ongoing reconciliations
    • Notifications, alerts and dashboard overview