Digital ArchiveRows of binders lining accounts department shelves are fast becoming a thing of the past. The move away from analogue is enough to make any auditor smile, but with BALANCER’s secure digital archive we’ve taken things a few steps further. BALANCER ensures a complete digital audit trail from the moment your account data is loaded. When the time comes, simply open the archive for access and let the audit begin.

Complete audit trail

Starting with BALANCER’s account balance import, all critical data is continuously uploaded to a digital archive on our cloud-based servers with secure backup. The result is a complete audit trail, accessible to any approved auditor at any time, without the need for binders, photocopies or physical archives.

As soon a new reconciliation period starts and as data is loaded, the audit trail begins. All your relevant data is stored from the reconciliation of the preparer, through the approval process, and until the correct balances carried are reported. This audit trail function lets you trace and recreate all stored information, vastly simplifying the work of any chartered accountant.

    Easy auditor access

    When it’s time for the external auditor or chartered accountant to perform the audit, the data in the digital archive can be opened for access. For organizations with internal auditors – e.g. Finance Managers, Controllers, Risk Managers, Compliance Managers – constant access is available for oversight at any point.

    The Balancer digital archive securely stores:

    • Period data with all key milestones and raw data
    • Supporting documentation including uploaded documents, certifications and approvals
    • Checklisted tasks plus policies and procedures
    • Messaging and e-mail notifications