Governance and Risk ManagementWith BALANCER, you get a well-structured, streamlined system for balance sheet reconciliation that lets you operate with confidence at all times. Nothing is left to chance. Our advanced, rule-based system control makes it easier than ever to meet the growing demands of governance, risk and compliance.

Segregated users, roles and duties

The person responsible for BALANCER will define users and assign their roles for each account. In smaller organizations, a user might take on all roles. In more complex finance departments, you can segregate duties by assigning separate roles for preparers, approvers, reviewers and business administrators.

Fully archived audit trail

With a fully archived audit trail for each reconciliation in your organization, any potential issues can be traced back to their source instantly. Auditors can find out direct from their desktop exactly when, how and who carried out a specific task, often saving hours of work in the process.

The level of access granted will depend on whether the auditor is an external chartered accountant or an internal reviewer.


    Risk level tagging

    By allowing you to tag high-risk and key accounts, BALANCER helps your entire organization to focus their attention on the most critical tasks at hand. Clear priorities are defined, allowing risky accounts to be resolved faster and more thoroughly. So you can minimize the risks posed by accident or fraud while ensuring compliance with rules, regulations, business agreements and practice standards.

      NOTE: some of these features are edition-specific. For details see Editions & Pricing.

      Key features include:

      • Defined policies and procedures for every account
      • Criteria for supporting documentation
      • Segregation of duties for improved accountability
      • Secure digital audit trail
      • Risk level tagging for prioritization of accounts