Task ManagementA successful financial professional takes on the reconciliation process with a definite plan in mind. Tasks, procedures and deadlines are clearly organized, compiled and checked off along the way. This works for them, but what about the rest of their organization?

This is where BALANCER can help spread the success, offering templates, procedures, priority lists and a clear segregation of duties that everyone can see.

Checklists and to-do lists

With BALANCER, the reconciliation templates and procedures for each account can be pushed out into the organization, to different departments or to subsidiary companies – whether they’re sitting in the next room or scattered around the world.

All the requirements are immediately available, ready for the preparer to check, follow and tick off as each task is completed. If any user is not satisfied with the requirements or supporting document criteria, they’re free to pinpoint its weaknesses and suggest improvements. In this way, BALANCER helps to seed reconciliation knowledge and expertise throughout your organization.

Alerts and notifications

Users are notified when to start their tasks, when work is rejected, and when a due date is approaching. For any task that still remains incomplete, a clear overdue task alert is sent to indicate its urgency.

Increase visibility and knowledge sharing through:

  • Task management with clear segregation of duties
  • Shared reconciliation templates and procedures
  • Alerts and notifications tied to defined milestones