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The pricing of RECEIVABLES is structured so that you only pay for the value the software provides, and gives you an annual ROI around 200% – it can´t get any better.


  • Studies show that it takes an average of 3 minutes to match a payment manually (a few of them actually takes 30 or even 60 minutes).
  • In one hour you can on average, manually process 20 incoming payments.
  • With an average employee cost of $40 per hour,  your current cost per manual payment matching would then be around $2.
  • Given all the facts for this bid, the price would be around $1 per transaction that is matched by RECEIVABLES.
  • A part of the logic behind, is that you as a customer only will pay for the matched payments that you presently do not automatically match in your current ERP system*. Not for the ones you already automatically match. We call this Netto Transactions.

RECEIVABLES gives a great ROI for:

  • Companies with high transaction volumes
  • Companies with low quality on payments / low existing matching rate

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* Definition: the payment on the bank file has correct invoice-number. Other fees may apply.